Hoist 4400 Multi Gym

Hoist 4400 Multi Gym

Drawing on 30 years of dynamic innovation, HOIST® has designed multi-station strength training systems to provide the same smooth, natural, quiet motions that have become the HOIST® trademark. Multiple individuals can perform all major exercises found in most health clubs.


  • 4 Stations in only 68 square feet—Leg Press, Adjustable Cable Column, Rigid Arm Pull-Down and Chest Press/Mid Row/Leg Extension/Standing Leg Curl
  • Minimum amount of adjustments required between users
  • Patented range-of-motion feature allows quick adjustments for body size and stretch preference
  • Radial Loc® Weight System provides a tighter fit between plates
  • Easy-Glide™ inserts for quick, smooth & secure adjustments to eliminate metal friction and seat post wobble
  • 4 210lbs weight stacks


Patented Radial Loc® Weight System with 22 lb. incremental weights and weight pin lanyard. This interlocking weight system provides for a tighter fit and less shifting between plates.


STATION 1 :: Leg Press :: Pillow block bearings and a 4-bar linkage system provide smoother motion and increased durability. :: The foot plate follows the natural movement of your feet, taking the strain off of your ankles. :: The adjustable back pad accommodates different sized users and allows for pre-stretch adjustments. :: The 2:1 Split Weight Cabling™ ratio provides 400 pounds of exercise resistance.

STATION 2 :: Adjustable Cable Column :: Pulley adjusts to 23 different positions. :: Split Weight Cabling™ reduces resistance by 50% to accommodate a greater number of exercises.

STATION 3 :: Rigid Arm Lat Pulldown :: Counter-balanced arm with self-aligning handles automatically accommodates the movement and size of individual users. :: Angled thigh brace rollers eliminate the need for adjustments.

STATION 4 :: Chest Press :: Mid Row :: Leg Extension :: Standing Leg Curl :: The patented ROM adjustment allows you to adjust your starting position on the fixed press arm. :: The patented 3-D articulating press arm allows you to control both the arc and angle of the exercise path

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