Star Trac Turbo Trainer

The Turbo Trainer™ by Star Trac is a commercially designed air-driven bike that delivers simultaneous upper and lower body exercise through a distinctive isokenetic resistance mechanism.The flywheel design displaces air at a rate that matches the users effort level; the harder the flywheel is turned (higher RPM), the greater the
isokinetic resistance.

This user drive system makes it a perfect complement to any facility, as the Turbo Trainer is appropriate for every fitness setting, from cardiac rehabilitation to sports performance and CrossFit boxes. The bike can also be used in the upper body only mode by placing the feet on the spacious foot platforms; making it perfect for users with lower body injuries or those wanting to focus on upper body only power.

  • The Turbo Trainer™ by Star Trac is a commercially designed isokinetic air-resistance bike that delivers simultaneous upper and lower body exercise options
  • A classic exercise modality with a full commercial design and warranty ready to accommodate rehabilitation, fitness and sports performance
  • Patent pending bottom bracket and pedal system provides unparalleled strength and durability in a robust drive train design
  • Isokinetic fl ywheel provides a powerful isokinetic tool for all types of training situations from low RPM low load rehab to high performance high Watt output interval training
  • Air is displaced at a rate that matches the users effort level, the harder the fl ywheel is turned (higher RPM), the greater the isokinetic resistance
  • Compact and self-powered, it can easily be placed in any part of a facility where space is limited and electricity is absent
  • Console measures workout metrics: including elapsed time, distance, kilocalories, RPM’s and telemetric heart rate when combined with a compatible chest strap
  • Dual platform pedals with inline skate-style straps provide user with option for secure hold or strap-free platform workout
  • Seat height, fore and aft adjustments for ideal fit
  • User weight capacity 350 lbs (159 kg)

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