Fusion 3

The Fusion 3 Gym has more exercises, more functionality and less space. Experience the perfect blend of machine defined, user defined exercise and dumbbell exercises.

  • Advanced Smart Lock Cable System - Provides direct cabling to all exercise stations while minimizing cable play and stretch.
  • Leg Extension / Seated Leg Curl - Features 8 starting point adjustments and patented flip support that allows full muscle contraction.
  • Easy Entry - Obstacle free seat design with height adjustment provides optimal seat position for all exercises.
  • User-Defined Cable Exercises - Independent, rotating functional arms have single touch adjustments and swiveling pulleys.
  • Iso-Lateral Multi-Press and Mid Row Arm - Allows a number of fixed path movements for chest and back exercises.
  • Optional Leg Press / Calf Raise / Bench
    • Features - walk-through seat design, centered four bar linkage, large footplate and grip handle. Leg press has 2:1 weight ratio (400 lbs).
    • Includes Dumbbell Bench / Ab Crunch - Converts leg press seat into a multi-purpose dumbbell / ab crunch bench.
  • Accessories Included - 2 Multi-hook Strap Handles, Multi-use Short Bar, 2 Hook Lat Bar, and an Ankle Strap.
Model: Fusion 3
Manufactured by: Batca
Handlebars: Non-absorbing, wear and tear resistant hand grips. Retained with aluminum caps and collars.
Seat: Contoured pads with lubar support. Upholstery is double-stiched. Telescoping pad adjustments use nylon sleeves for smooth adjustments.
Weight Stack: 200 lbs. (Leg Press Weight Ratio 2:1 equaling 400 lbs.) Composite steel plates with individual bushings travel on solid, chrome guide rods. Heay rubber suspension bumpers are used to absorb and reduce shock.
Shrouds: Powder-coated Steel Weight Stack Guard.
Cables: Nylon coated, lubricated, military spec cables. 2000 lb tensile strength.Pivoting cable ends with oil impregnated bronze bushings.
Frame: 3/16" powder-coated steel diamond plate footplates. 1.75" x 4" 11-gauge flat oval steel tube with 3/8" & 1/4" thick steel plate frame. Powder-coated frame.
Dimensions (LxWxH): 5'11" L x 4'0" W x 6'11" H. (With Leg Press Option: 5'11" L x 5'5" W x 6'11" H).
Product Weight: 710 lbs. (with Leg Press 830 lbs.)

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