Star Trac Back Extension

Star Trac Back Extension

In the upright position adjust the back pad roller to rest on the upper back by pulling on the red adjustment knob. Place feet on the appropriate foot cross bar with knees slightly bent for stabilization. To set the starting range of motion, grasp the handle and press the red button as you flex forward to the desired start position. Release the button to lock the starting position. To initiate the motion extend the spine from a forward flexed position to a backwards extended position in a slow controlled spinal extension movement. Upon completion grasp the handle and press the red button to release the range of motion control. Sit upright, release the red button and exit the machine.

  • Adjustable back roller pad to accommodate all users
  • Range of motion adjustment for exercise variation
  • Two position foot stabilization bar
  • Axis of rotation highlighted for precise user positioning
  • Contoured back pad for comfortable extension motion
  • Lock N Load® weight selection
  • Lock N Load incremental add-on weight system
  • Moving image Lenticular instruction placard

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