Vectra Body ResiStability

Body ResiStability™. What is it? At its most simple level, it is body weighted resistance training combined with stabilization and balance. This quickly evolving and wildly popular exercise category requires you to stabilize and push or pull your body's weight against the force of gravity. Traditional "against gravity" exercises have long had their roles in training. People have used basic versions of this concept forever. Think push-ups, pull-ups, sit ups, and climbing inclines such as hills and stairs. Body ResiStability™ takes such exercises one giant step further by making the user provide the stability, in the same way that the gymnast stabilizes the rings. The effort needed to stabilize the body during exercise recruits the muscles of the core and leads to exceptional results.

Our functional trainer's arms offer incredible and unprecedented adjustability. This allows Body ResiStability™ to mold the forces that gravity exerts upon the body' from straight down to various other directions, exponentially increasing the potential for results. With Body ResiStability™, Vectra Fitness has removed the primary limitation that the traditional "against gravity" exercises have always contained. By positioning the body at different angles, we effectively change the force of gravity. Using handles attached to swiveling anchor points near the pulleys of the VX-FT 2 stack, the single stack VX-FT, and the VFT-100, the user can perform a seemingly endless variety of pushing and pulling exercises using their own body weight AND vary the resistance by selecting the angle for the exercise. What is Vectra's goal in developing Body ResiStability™? Bringing muscular balance, joint stability and injury prevention into your life!

An exerciser who might not be able to do a push-up can do an inclined push-up. As the user's abilities increase, the gravity angles can be changed accordingly. The ability to add more or less weight to an exercise is as easy as flipping a switch ... or one of our patented one touch adjustment levers on the arm of a Vectra functional trainer. Also, because of the large number of positions available on Vectra's Body ResiStability™ capable gyms, the sheer number of exercises is significantly greater than can be done on the floor. Add to this the unstable characteristics intentionally incorporated into Body ResiStability™ training, and the potential is unsurpassed. Finally, core and functional training delivered in a format that lives up to the expectations of the concept' Body ResiStability™ body resistance training by Vectra Fitness!


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