• Focusing your facility on the 10% of people who will exercise anyway, instead of the fence sitters or the other 90%.

  • Not having a system in place to keep the facility cleaned and maintained. This is easier with a few facility policies on cleanliness, courtesies and an equipment maintenance contract.

  • Not having enough space between equipment in high traffic areas. Good planning and a comprehensive facility layout will help you avoid this situation.

  • Not planning for dedicated electrical outlets and/or special electrical requirements for cardiovascular equipment.

  • Having doors that open up into the room. This will take up unnecessary space.

  • Having poor ventilation.

  • Forgetting about flooring considerations.

  • Not having liability disclaimers in your facility. This is something you can easily create on the computer and post in your facility. Be sure to run it by your lawyer.

  • Not having a visually pleasing facility. Color and aesthetics are important. You can do something nice without adding a lot of cost if you just plan for it up front.

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